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Healing Journeys

Awareness | Awakening | Enlightenment

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The Founders

Healing Journeys is part of the Vaidya Raja Group, which was started by Dr. Virje and Sangitha Khosla over 30 years ago

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The Blue Mountains

The picturesque hills and valleys of the Nilgiris will be your home during the healing journeys. Full of beautiful tea plantations and the ashram where your treatments shall be taking place

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The Journeys

Karma Rejuvenation
(Complete Mind-Body Detox)

On this journey you’ll experience relief from long term physical and emotional pain. All treatments are carried out by qualified therapists, counsellors, masseuses, and Ayurvedic practitioners, who are trained and certified by the Vaidya Raja Group.

Spiritual Enlightenment

This trip is meant for those who want to experience spirituality in its pure ancient form. The journey is customised to your Vedic Astrology. During the journey and temple visits you’ll find a connection to your past lives and open your spirituality chakras.

Spiritual Singles

On this trip you will experience the different phases and forms of Love with yourself first, then with others and possibly someone who may touch your soul..

Custom Journey

These healing journeys are specially customized to meet the specific needs of you or your group. These can range from detox, de-stress healing journeys to specific physical problems such as pain or skin issues such as psoriasis or eczema.